Suddenly, Medical Care is Different

I posted before that diagnosis of AS was too expensive a service to be provided to the poor. Also, the focus is on children, as if people born with this neurological difference came into existence only after the difference was included in the DSM.

It took 17 years to get a correct diagnosis of a family member who was taken to psychologists from childhood. Now that health insurance for poor children has been tweaked, no child in California should have to experience this type of denial of service or provision of poor service because of lack of funds.

I filed a complaint with my insurance about being denied a consult with a neurologist early in the year. I do not understand why psychiatry has commandeered the treatment and diagnosis of AS. If they merely want to push pills, patients should not be forced to see them if they do not have behavioral problems requiring drugs. Big Pharma shils do not impress me.

My complaint and avoidance of my primary care provider might have had some impact on what happened the other day, but I think something occurred at the management level because when I went in to ask for a second opinion and to see the neurologist again, my request was granted without a squawk. Staff changes were apparent and the process was a bit more streamlined. Whatever happened, I’m glad of it. Age and income should have no bearing on the receipt of medical care. Rationing health care, especially to those without adequate funds, only costs all of us in the long run.

Overwhelmed to Speechlessness

What is wrong with the world? Conflict and clashes everywhere. Dry land turned to raging torrents in one part of the world, no rain falls on dust bowls in other parts of the world. Even the animals no longer behave as they once did. They, too, are adapting to the new state of things.

Ebola. Abuse. Yet another crime drama presented for our entertainment. Terrorism. Air strikes. Bibi is a schnook. Children who think they’re grown. $800 for a phone. Homeless vets. Starbucks salute. Mindlessness, disconnection, indifference, fear.

Why did the President win a Nobel? Flood Wall Street. Economy still stagnant. Permanent, perpetual war with enemies who were once frenemies and in our employ.

Money in politics. Diminution of civil and human rights. Police brutality. Continuation of excess death. Desperation.

And the band plays on.

Todos los Dias

Every morning, no matter how I try to avoid it, I am forced to listen to the crazy woman across the street rant, rave, and rail at her children. I believe she is mentally ill. She has referred to herself as a time-bomb, ready to explode. I guess these morning outbursts are the prelude to the major eruption. Is this the new motherhood?

This household is thug central. Too many have died prematurely from this house. Too many from this house have made jail and prison their constant domiciles. Thieves, murderers, drug dealers, gun runners, abusers. These are the fruits of this household’s family tree.

After listening to the morning harangue, which lasts from 30 to 45 minutes, I’m in a mood most foul, and I wonder how the children feel. The past two weeks, for example, I have never heard SB, say good morning, I love you, have a good day. I’ve never heard her ask do you have everything you need, is your homework in your backpack, do you need lunch money? Instead, I hear her screaming about how much work she has done cleaning the house, how the utilities are all still on even though she doesn’t have a job. Oh, I do recall her telling her daughter that she had love for her, but that she didn’t like her at all and wanted her to move out though the daughter is only 15.

Now, I think I must be quite odd because no one seems to be disturbed by the madness except for me. Perhaps no one else hears what I do. Acoustics are such that if SB has her front door open when mine is also open, all of her noise comes into my home. If I close my front door, and stifle in the heat, I can still hear her through my bedroom window that is all the way at the rear of the house. Her voice is always filled with angst, rage, and screeching. There is no escape.

So, I listen and wonder why I have been chosen to witness this new behavior that really isn’t new any more. This new way of parenting has been a staple of lower-class life for a couple of decades now. Fewer and fewer of these families exist in the community because they have been forced out by losing property that belonged to their parents, or they’ve died out. But the few that are left more than make up for the loss of the others.

Keeping a cheerful spirit is difficult when in the midst of the maelstrom. I don’t judge. But I am negatively affected by all I’ve observed coming from that house. If ever I get enough money together, I’m outta here. Thirteen years of observing bad luck and worse behavior is enough.

Thoughts of The One

If the One had an eye, I can nearly imagine what it must be like, because of photography and graphic effects, to zoom, from the unknown firmaments that surround us, onto my doings on this earth. A macro-microscopic zoom. Of course, the One, if possessed of a brain or mind such as I am familiar with or can fathom, would need only to think, “Be,” and whatever thought of would come into BEing.

Whatever could make the One, the Creator of All That Is, directly or indirectly, interested in my doings? The time needed to focus on my shenanigans is unimaginable as the One is timeless and can Do or Not Do, as it wills, if It were possessed of a will as I can conceive of one.

Personallly, I do believe the One is not amused, if indeed the One possesses a sense of humor as I know it. My own sense of humor is pretty whack, but the One and I would likely agree that what passes for reality, the quality of interpersonal and international relations on this earth is troubling, not at all funny. Perhaps this is why horrors persist; the One has left us on our own, abandoned us, and we’re acting out our heartbreak and frustration at this eventuality.

For all the professions of faith, many folks act as if it is the case that the One has abandoned them, left them alone like the devil never did.