Strange Documentation (Real/Real)

Beal Bank

on 19 July 2004, Beal Bank claims to have been the holder of the Deed of Trust on my property. This would mean that they owned this Deed before my mother’s death. Why, then, did I continue to pay Aames Home Loan until two years after her death, then paid RCS for two years, then paid MGC until the tax assessor’s office informed me of my need to file probate in order to gain clear title to the property?

Notification to Creditors

All of mom’s creditor’s were notified of her death and sent original death certfcates no later than February 2006. Aames Home Loan was notified by phone and in writing, yet the claim is that they had no knowledge that my mother was dead until probate was filed in 2012.

Beal Bank = MGC and likely RCS and Aames Home Loan

I wonder if I can demonstrate that since MGC and Beal Bank are the same entity, bank regulators could to tell me why I paid Aames, RCS, and MGC/Beal Bank, and am still paying them, if they have held the Trust Deed since 2004. Does this set of conditions merit any investigation by those who claim to represent consumers and homeowners?

Thinking Aloud…in Writing

I am seething. I need to get whatever this is out, but I hesitate to speak because the only thing that comes out is I am sick of everything I see, hear, and smell in my environment, in my culture, in the world.

Every day is more of  the same woefully simplistic behavior I am forced to witness if I turn on the television, turn on the radio, open my front door.


Neighbor Done Lost Her Mind

Neighbor Done Lost Her Mind

I have written here before about the gang members who live across the street and harass me every chance they get. Last March, the day before my birthday, I sent a Demand Letter to the owner of the property. I asked for $7500 in compensation for harassment, threats on my life, taunting, attempted humiliation, and exposure to violence. They seem to have forgotten how they have treated me from 2008 to the present day.

When they shut up after the first letter, I let it go, but the other day as I was walking out to my car to go to the 341 hearing, I was loud-talked, chided, and asked why I wanted to sue my NEIGHBORS! I was subjected to this harassment because the loud-talking woman decided to accept gossip for reality. She thought I called the Sheriff on her. Why? Must be guilt, because I hadn’t thought about them since March 2015.

Since she brought it up, I thought to renew my demand for my money. If I don’t receive the $7500 by 20 February, we will be seeing the inside of the Small Claims Court where the landlord will have to explain why she supports a nuisance.

The 5-Year Plan

Thanks to Brad Weil, I have successfully filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save my home from the banksters aka Beal Bank/MGC Mortgage.

I consulted a bankruptcy attorney early in this process and she thought I would be unable to file, but my current attorney declared I had a right to pay and made it happen.

What I have is 5 years to find someone to investigate this bank and its practices. It should not be possible for a bank to steal your home after making you pay for it while receiving no credit for being a homeowner in good standing, no tax breaks, and no consideration. How do you keep an account open on the deceased for ten years and this is legal? How do you masquerade as another company, change the company name every two years, to finally end up a bank?




First creditors hearing scheduled for 22 January. Beal Bank/Dovenmuehle/MGC/RCS and apparently Aames Home Loan should be present. I hope they have to answer how it is that I paid Aames Home Loan the mortgage when Beal Bank acquired the Trust Deed securing their interest in the property in 2004. This occurred a year before my mother died, but I have no record of this transfer. Surely, my mother would have been entitled to know of this transfer?

When I notified Aames Home Loan in January 2006 of my mom’s death, I was instructed to “just keep paying the bill.” I was not told to file probate. I was not told that because my name was not on the mortgage, I would need to file probate in order to communicate with the mortgage company about the loan. I was told to “just keep paying the bill.”

In 2011, a representative from the tax assessor’s office told me to file probate. As soon as I could get the money together for the court costs, I filed. There is no respite from the fees for the working poor. I had to file probate on my own because I did not want to sell my home; no attorney would take the case as there was no golden bonus to be had. Probate was open until 2014 with only MGC listed as a creditor. While in probate, Beal Bank filed foreclosure against my mother. They claim they had no knowledge of my mother’s death until probate was filed in 2012.

It seems, if I interpret the recording date on the reconveyance of the trust deed correctly, I have been paying Beal Bank since 2006 as they masqueraded as Aames Home Loan, RCS, and finally MGC. When I plug MGC into a search engine, the results come back Beal Bank.

I had to file bankruptcy on a 10-year-old mortgage that is not in my name. I have paid on this not-in-my-name-mortgage for 10 years, maintained the insurance, repairs, etc., in my name. Aames Home Loan aka Beal Bank was notified of my mother’s death by phone, and sent an original death certificate by mail in 2006.

I hope some transparency will be achieved into how this was allowed to go on for so long. I think I should have an explanation of what has taken place over the past 10 years. I paid, received no tax credit, no plus marks on my credit, no nothing for 10 years, then Beal Bank tries to steal my equity-rich home for <$50K.

Is this really proper procedure for a mortgage company/bank?

Tide is Turning

Managed to file an amended Ch 13 and stall the sale of my home. Plan payments are now affordable and, more importantly, sustainable. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with MGC/Beal/Dovenmuehle. Perhaps there is a reason for my having a continued relationship with this entity that engages in questionable business practices, practices that are not consumer-friendly.

I must be very careful in how I describe my interactions with entities that might want to sue me because they confuse telling the truth with defamation. James Henry, the Encino office manager of Westfield Law Group, harassed me into removing my Yelp review because it still reflected a complaint, and if I wanted a refund of my $800, I had to completely remove the review. I had to tell him I would file a police report on him if he didn’t stop calling and threatening me. He actually had the gall to say I was combative! I wasn’t, but it certainly would have been an appropriate attitude, given this ass who doesn’t want truth told about his operation. I’m sorry. Is that defamatory?

Not once did the representatives of Westfield Law Group express any concern about my potential loss of my home. If they think I can be silenced about this, they are wrong.

Twice I asked James for the bar license number. He told me he wasn’t a lawyer. I said there should be a bar license number for the Law Group. He wouldn’t or couldn’t produce one. I don’t see one on the website. I don’t see that key number anywhere it should be visible. Are these people practicing law without a license?

Westfield Law Group does not give refunds. I’m getting my money back from a botched job only because I was bullied into taking my Yelp review down. All bets are off once the money is in my hands. The first review goes up, and a new one will be added. My $800 held hostage for a Yelp review. (smh)

So, continuing my reporting of the Law Group to every agency I can think of, I am firing off a complaint to the California Bar Association. Then I’ll see what’s what with Westfield Law Group.