Put my anger in a pot on the back burner, letting it simmer while trying to understand how my elected officials are planning to let an old-ass, unfit, lying buffoon take over leadership of my country.

All those lawyers, and they are going to allow an idiot blowhard bastard (did he even have a mama?) to be in violation of the Constitution from day 1? Every senator who attends the inaugural should be voted out ASAP and then choked with their law degrees. Every legal and political scholar who supports this travesty should lose her or his citizenship ASAP.

PEEOTUS may be depraved. He is definitely dishonest. He is absolutely despicable, likely seditious, making of my country a laughingstock. Authoritarianism and perversion go together. Think Caligula, Tiberius Ceaser, the Catholic Church, Christianity. My people who voted for this ass should be feeling robbed and raped about now because they have been by an infantile cunt. How can this be happening?

I tweet rude, insulting, nasty things to PEEOTUS the schmuck. He reveres the poisoner-in-chief. I hope he gets some tea.

Excuse me while I add some pepper to the pot.

Why we must attend to PEOTUS’ sexual comments about his daughter

Have you ever been sexually assaulted?

Have you ever been sexually assaulted as a child?

Have you ever been sexually assaulted, told someone you trusted about it, and not been believed?

Have you, as a child, been sexually assaulted, told your parent about it, and not been believed?

POETUS said he would date his daughter.

POETUS said he could/would grab women by their pussies.

If this predator is inaugurated, there will be a march on Washington the day after. Show your support for women in resistance to sexual oppression and its perpetrators.

Ready for that Humane Roundup?

Know who’s going to build the wall? All of us who heard the president-elect say he was going to round up deportees in a very nice, very humane way. Line forms to the extreme right.

I cannot believe what just happened, except that I think people really dislike Clinton and her husband. How little they care for themselves, as well.

Supreme Court and all three branches of government are now in Republican hands.


That Nanowrimo Thang

It is here again, that nanowrimo thang. I signed up this year, and announced, even wrote a couple of chapters. Already too much pressure.

Trying to develop this habit for an activity I once loved as a child and engaged in effortlessly. I promised myself I would write if I got old enough to have done something, been somewhere. Here I am.

Allegedly, I just have to write something, e’r’day. Doesn’t have to be long, or even make sense, only written.

So, here goes, though late, but whatchugondo?

Think I need to change the background to commemorate the moment.

Grateful Shawl with Knit-as-You-Go I-Cord Edge (Therapeutic Knitting)

asymshawlGrateful Shawl

Click the link for a clearly written, free pattern for an asymmetric shawl with an I-cord edging that is knit onto the shawl as you go.

Nifty technique. There is a link to learn grafting included in the pattern that will take you to videos that demonstrate the kitchener stitch using a tapestry needle. Look for the video that demonstrates knitted grafting technique. Another nifty technique to add to your Notions Kit.