Tired of talking amongst yourselves?

Testament to my lack of multitasking ability. I got a job! You know it! I’m a librarian in an elementary school. I am serious about making certain our youngsters learn how to use a library. Gotta insure the next generation of keepers of the culture are in the making.

A job, and still with the probate. The government, through the Probate Court, is trying to take my property from me. I never would have filed probate had I not discovered it was mandatory. I didn’t get the memo on how one deals with a parent’s property after they’ve gone. I thought it was a simple matter of filing some paperwork and the transfer would be complete. It was once so. But no more.

Had it not been for the kindness of a worker in the tax man’s office, I never would have known what I was supposed to do and would have been stuck paying taxes way out of my range of ability to pay. One way or another, the tax man, the government wants my property and will bollox me up in court, without an attorney, to have their way.

My mom was my best friend. It is from her that I inherited my independent spirit. I cared for her the last four years of her life, preventing the State from having the spend money to house her in a rehabilitation hospital or some such. My service to my mother saved the State $28K. Guess they want to recoup that money they waived when I claimed hardship. If your parent received state-supported medical care, in the state of California, the cost will be billed to the estate of the deceased. I never thought of my mother’s home as an “estate” and here is where I made a big mistake.

As I understand this process, I was supposed to sell my mother’s house to pay the State and the tax man. There is no consideration of not wanting to sell. It is assumed this will be done to pay the deceased’s debt to the State. What a corporate concept, no death pun intended.

The dead cannot pay, and the living should not be forced to pay the debts of the deceased without an upfront statement of terms and a set of circumstances that is fair to all parties involved. Shoulda, woulda, couldnota.

Anyway, the job, probate, looming foreclosure, are all balanced by the fact that some progress has been made in the diagnosis of my AS. Perhap that is why I can see all the flaws in the court system that is really not accessible to the average Jane. My lack of counsel throughout this process has been a terrific burden. Without money, the average Jane has to do the best she can with research and moving ahead as best she can alone. Free Legal Aid will not help with Probate. Bet Tzedek will not help with Probate.

Where do poor people, who want to keep their family homes, find assistance with Probate? Nowhere. Because the State wants to take property from the poor and sell it over to some corporation. Filed the Final Accounting, but the Court is not satisfied with it and I will have to ruin my perfect attendance record at my job to go downtown and be flogged by the judge.

At least, I’m reasonably healthy, now have a job, and I’m still clothed in my right mind.

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Demand Letter Effects (Real/Real)

Seems one way to get people to leave me alone is to make a demand. After receiving my Demand Letter, the recipient passed it on to the people who live on her property and harass me on the regular. Well, they swole up, yammered on about how I was trying to sue their momma, and vowed to pay my demand. Needless to say, no such payment has been received. As long as they say nothing more to me, I’ll let the demand simmer on the back burner .

Happily, I love my new job! Always a bibliophile, I couldn’t be happier in my elementary school library. I await training so that I can do a proper good job promoting literacy amongst the young ones. Looking for ways to promote wellness, so if you have any ideas, pass them on, please.

I am very pleased with my change of fortune. Hope your fortunes are ever bright.

Demand Letter

Before filing a Small Claims case, one is required to write and mail a Demand Letter to the entity you intend to sue in Small Claims court.  This letter briefly details the problem, states the nature of the injury, and provides a breakdown of the charges for which one is demanding payment.

One page is preferred, professional tone. Provide a date for compliance with the demand and let the defendant know the matter will be followed up in court if payment is not received.

If one receives payment, one need not proceed to court. If payment is not received and you are in California, e-file your case. Turnaround time is quick. If accepted, you can file, pay, and be on your way in the matter of a few hours without ever leaving home.

E-File Small Claims in CA

You can file a Small Claims case online in California Superior Court. You can file for personal injury to get restitution.

You know who filed this morning? For the first time since 2008, I slept 6 hours last night because I finally got physical proof that the gang members have been blocking my driveway. Finally got a police report. My case file grows . . ..


On Thursday, my neighbor of 50 years said to me, “Fuck your mother.” Unfortunately, I wished him the same. However, I think his remark was out of bounds as I only asked him to move his car forward a little bit to make it easier for me to get out of my driveway. We had a screaming fest, heavily laden with expletives, as I mainly parroted back what was shouted at me, as it is not customary for me to be playing the dozens and yelling in the street like a fishmonger’s wife.

So, I’m taking his mother to Small Claims Court to get my $7500. I think I have a great torts case. Got some negligence involved, intentional injury, PTSD, and possible punitive damages. Most important, I have years of supporting documentation. Preliminary research begun. . ..

Reflections on Time

60 is fast approaching. I have no idea of what it is I am supposed to do once I meet this fated age. I don’t feel 60. I don’t look 60. I don’t think 60, except for my understanding and ruminating all over history, and my memories of how things once were.

What is commonplace that was uncommon back in the day? Violence is still the same, more common than ever. Civility is a thing of the past. Disrespect of women was somewhat less common. I remember when Black men treated all women as sisters and looked out for us and the entire neighborhood. That was in the time of Black Panthers. They provided free breakfasts, education, and other community activities intended to foster unity and a sense of family.

This is the most lackluster Black History Month I have ever experienced. The only new information I gleaned was from the Pacifica Network, KPFK. I learned about the great opposition MLK faced at the end of his life. 55% of Black folks disapproved of him because of his stances on war and poverty. Imagine. This is the 50th anniversary of Brother Malcolm’s death.

Can’t say that lies are any less prevalent. Neither is hate. Ignorance and stupidity are in staggeringly great supplies. Sometimes I can’t determine if there is more of the latter than there was before. There seems to be more cunning and cupidity in the works. I am not satisfied with the state of the world. I never expected such dysfunction.

Children are much more sexualized and exposed to sex and violence at extremely alarming rates. Everyone is stuck in the palms of their hands, even while driving. We are much more vulgar and coarse than we have ever been.

Health care is the pits. I miss being able to choose my own doctor, develop a relationship with my own doctor, and pay my own doctor without having to depend on an insurance company to act as go-between. It is only now, after several years of seeking a diagnosis for what I suspect is an autism spectrum difference, that a psychiatrist finally heard me and gave me a preliminary scale to complete. There were 50 items. The cut-off for likely having an AS difference was 32. My score: 45. The doctor also told me that the medical power structure did not want to diagnose me because of my age…. Seems to me that if we want to help these young people coming up in droves with autism, we ought to study those of us who have aged through before there was a name, other than weirdo or eccentric, for those of us with the glorious difference. We’ve got some knowledge to drop on those coming behind us. I pray our numbers increase rapidly. We are in need of a major paradigm shift in our ways of being.

It took a heap of living to get to 60. Never expected to get here given the way folks around me seemed to drop like lead weights. Death has always fascinated me and I began obtaining and storing obituaries when I was quite young. Such wonderful short stories that sometimes speak volumes with the information that is omitted about the deceased. I’m examining a data set of my own compiling that is composed of markers indicating the level of involvement, connection, and interaction with society that the deceased cultivated in life. I want to know if those who live longest were more invested in the process of living. Does social connectedness really contribute to a longer life? Is it the quality of the connections that matter? The number? My base interest is with the concept of excess death. Go look that up.

I’m happy to be getting older, but I definitely want to make a change in my world, immediately and on down the line. Things cannot go on as they are forever. The decimation of the middle class has been going on for the last 40 years. What a good ride downhill, Workers. Doctors are no longer gods, but working stiffs who have to answer to the insurance companies. Unions are nearly defunct. We, the people, who are supposed to be the government, are being ill-served by those lawyers in Congress. I’m not feeling this perpetual war stance we’re taking. I am sick of all sports. Spend billions on stadium building, but do nothing for homeless veterans, homeless families, homeless mentally ill, homeless victims of domestic violence. We spend $62,300 to incarcerate someone in California, but only $9100 to educate that same somebody. The prison-industrial complex gets rich and Congress wants to block immigrants from staying in this country. Hell, without them, who will pay into the Social Security system? Able-bodied black, brown, and white people are locked up, likely never to earn a decent living, likely unable to adequately care for their families. Somebody’s gotta keep the ship afloat.

Gotta go ponder some more. Turning 60 ain’t no sissy sprint, I’ll tell you what.